Who Are We

About Our Company

First National Resources Company is one of the largest companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, providing operational, medical, and industrial services to the public and private sectors. providing comprehensive operational process management services and maintenance services in all industries and sectors.

In recent years, the First National Resources Company has managed and operated a  number of projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has a proven track record of being ranked as a leader in Operation & Maintenance Services of healthcare facilities, equipment, technical maintenance, hospitality, Hard & Soft Services, Security Services with a professional, skilled and qualified Manpower.

Its method and effective ways ensure the quality, safety, and efficiency are delivered to its customers.

Our Services

We provide a range of different services to suit the needs of your facilities, from management, operation, and maintenance ranging, integrated facilities operations, and routine services. The First National Resources Co. methods and approach are in line with Saudi Law and in accordance with Vision 2030. Our wide service framework gives our clients luxury access to all their needs.

Operating System & Maintenance

The general stages of the operating system for our medical and non-medical sectors include four main stages


  • - Set up a team to collect and analyze information.
  • - Financial, Logistical & Equipment Support.
  • - Outputs (Bank Information).


  • - Identification of the planning team.
  • - Coordination with the relevant authorities
  • - Develop an operation and maintenance plan (buildings and roads).


  • - Determining the manpower and equipment to carry out the work (maintenance and operation).
  • - Supervision of implementation
  • - Reports preparation

Evaluation and Follow-up

  • - Set up a follow-up team.
  • - Review of the contracts (financial and technical)
  • - Audit of performance indicators

Our Clients

We work in a cooperation with a wide range of clients from various medical and non-medical sectors for both the public and private sectors and local and national governments. This is a list of some of our clients we are proud to work with.

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